Ciavolich ‘Kuma’ Ancestrale Bianco – 100% Cococciola


The Ciavolichs were wool merchants from Bulgaria who built the family’s first cellar in 1853, one of the oldest wine making structures in Abruzzo. Chiara Chiavolich, the current generation owner, comes from a family of strong women. She strives to keep agricultural, wine and historical heritage intact in order to pass it on to future generations through sustainability. Ciavolich wines are made with both contemporary and ancient vinification techniques, respectful of the original variety and territory producing wines that are straightforward, clean and with deep spirit.

From the vintner:

“Before the harvest, we select a small quantity of grapes to create the ‘pied-de-cuve’ needed for the start of the spontaneous alcoholic fermentation. After a week the rest of the grapes are harvested to be crushed and de-stemmed, pressed and poured into terracotta amphorae. We then add the ‘pied-de cuve’ to start the alcoholic fermentation, guided by the grapes’ indigenous yeast. Just before the ending of the fermentation the wine is bottled to preserve a light sparkling. The wine continues its aging in reclined bottles for about three months and after that the thick lees are taken out with the method of disgorgement.”

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