Aligoté by g.ellms

Aligoté (al-lay-goat-eh)For most wine drinkers Burgundy brings to mind two grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.There is no doubt this area of France produces some of the most outstanding expressions of thesevarietals. They are incredibly delicious, and deserving of their regard. That being said, anotherdelicious strain of vitis vinifera grows in the shadows of these two […]

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Nero d’ avola by g.ellms

Nero d’ Avola (“nair-oh davo-la”)When “dark” (nero) is the first part of a grape’s name, you can assume that it’s got somecharacter. Although there are varying levels of opacity, most wines made with Nero d’ Avolahave rich dark bodies that lead beautiful ruby colors to the edge of a glass. On the nose, itexpresses bold […]

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