Waterbury Winterfest wine tasting January 27, 2023

Kicking off Winterfest’s 12th year, come join us on Day 1 anytime between 4:00 and 6:30 at The Wine Vault for a great winter wine tasting of fantastic reds and whites. Come to The Wine Vault for a tasting of a diverse selection of wines from around the world and close to home. Following a…


Holiday wine tasting with Jessica

Join us anytime between 4-7 for a holiday wine-tasting extraordinaire A gorgeous bottle of bubbles from Alsace, France. The Chardonnay out of Macon in Burgundy is full of unoaked bliss. An age-worthy Spanish red under $20. Two California reds, one from Paso Robles and the other a classic Napa from an esteemed Napa wine family….

dolcetto by Gordon Elms

Dolcetto (“dol-chet-to”)A consequence of drinking more wine, and developing a more adept palate- is that many wineswe once liked, really don’t taste good. This tends to lead enophiles on a perpetual hunt forinteresting varietals, and creative vintners. Dolcetto is ideal for those seeking a different andexciting drink. Stacked with dark fruit flavors and a medium…

Aligoté by g.ellms

Aligoté (al-lay-goat-eh)For most wine drinkers Burgundy brings to mind two grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.There is no doubt this area of France produces some of the most outstanding expressions of thesevarietals. They are incredibly delicious, and deserving of their regard. That being said, anotherdelicious strain of vitis vinifera grows in the shadows of these two…