Cantina di Negrar, Appassimento


Appassimento is the process of natural partial dehydration of grapes to produce a greater concentration of colors, aromas, and flavors in the wine. Since partially dried grapes also have a higher concentration of sugars, this system is often used to make sweet or very concentrated wines.

“Appassimento” is made from indigenous red grape varieties. Following a thorough and rigorous blending process, both the appassimento and traditional methods are fused together in the production of this fine red wine.

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The 2019 harvest began about ten days later than in previous years and with volumes reduced by 15-20%
compared to 2018. After years of great heat in the final ripening phase, in which the sugar accumulation was
privileged over the aromatic one, we finally had a year in which the low temperatures, combined with day/night
excursions, allowed an excellent accumulation of coloring substances and a good acidity. Despite the heavy rains
of May, the grapes were healthy and loose, therefore particularly suitable for appassimento. The wines denote
more territorial expressions of greater longevity and freshness.

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