This is a vin doux (fortified sweet wine) made with an aging process called the solera system: Basically, every time we draw off wine for bottling, we replace what we have taken with a younger Rivesaltes, but one that is about ten years old nevertheless.le.





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Our elders taught us that keeping the aromatic “chain” intact gives immortal wines, because the spirit of the first vintage is always present, “educating” its progeny.
Here at Domaine Vaquer, the solera is housed in vat number 10, a very old cement vat: at its heart is a 35-year-old Maccabeu which I top up with Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris. It is a vin doux but offers a drier, more nervous balance, with an incredible aromatic richness where grilled and torrefaction notes mingle with curry, marzipan, liquorice, a hint of orange confit, and a walnut liqueur finish…

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