This unoaked Chardonnay features bright acidity balanced with a slight note of richness from partial malolactic fermentation.  Hints of citrus, minerals, and tropical fruit make this a perfect pairing with Chicken, light salads, and soft approachable cheeses like Camembert.

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Forged in 2020, Iron Wolf Wine is dedicated to the values of strength, loyalty, and support.  The family is truly the foundation of all we do and who we are.

Some of our favorite memories have been made while among family and friends, all gathered to share wonderful wines and inspired food preparations.

Tammy O’Rourke
Born in Burlington, VT, Tammy spent much of her early years in Stow, MA before returning to the Green Mountain State.  Tammy has been a medical software professional in her “day job”.  Tammy’s interests include being an exceptional “horse mom”, supervising Tony, and making sure the homestead is running smoothly!

Tony O’Rourke
Originally from New York, Tony has  called Vermont home for nearly 25 years. Tony’s experiences have been a varied mix, yet there has usually been a tie to the hospitality industry.  Tony can usually be found in the family kitchen, with a glass of wine within reach.

The Pack
Our 5 children, Austin, Mike, Alyssa, Ryan, and Olivia have a wide range of interests and places they currently call home.  While we are not often all under the same roof, it is those times that matter the most.



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