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The Volpetti family winery is situated on the gentle volcanic slopes of the Colli Albani region just south of Rome. Though the family has been making wines since 1958, wine production in this area dates back to the Roman Empire. Here Volpetti focuses mainly on unique indigenous grapes like Cesanese.

Rome is only 17 miles away, but it couldn’t seem more distant as we pull up the driveway to the Volpetti estate. Nestled in the Colli Albani (Alban Hills) and 2 miles from the ancient azure volcanic crater lakes of Lago Albano and Lago di Nemi, the Volpetti family certainly chose a blessed location in 1958 when they set up their small-scale winemaking project.

The estate is a working farm and wildlife is everywhere. Horses trotting around small paddocks, ducks languidly paddling in the pond, and a hundred or so shaggy-coated sheep grazing in a pasture. Mauro Volpetti and his wife are the current custodians, taking care of everything alongside their modest agricultural team made up of local workers from Lazio. Mauro has been directing the project for 35 years and has worked to develop the estate in both scale and quality.

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