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  • Les Darons Rouge


    An homage showcasing grenache and Carignan (The “forefathers” of Languedoc red wines). This wine was subsequently labeled “Les Darons”, the affectionate expression for “The Parents” in the Parisian suburbs where winemaker Jeff Carrel was born.

  • Nómade Wines Colección Las Mulas Red Blend


    Tomás Achával and his family produce small amounts of wine from old vines in amazing sites across Argentina, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The Andes produce wines with tremendous personality due to its conditions: extreme altitudes, dramatic temperature fluctuations, and intense solar radiation. In these areas, grapes like Malbec flourish unlike anywhere else in the world. The tannins become sweeter, softer, and rounder. The minerality and fruit expressions explode.