Ghëddo Barolo


Ghëddo is committed to sustainable farming with no use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, they cultivate only three hectares in 3 different vineyards which allows for meticulous work in the vineyard and extreme cleanliness in the cellar producing wines that faithfully express the vintage in all its aspects.

This wine is made with 100% Nebbiolo.


We selected the top part of Berri vineyard in La Morra to produce our Barolo. A south-west exposed slope with limestone and silt Miocene soil. The vigour of the plants is limited by the presence of water that is never in excess. Hot summer days are mitigated by fresh streams that comes from the Alps and wind that blows in La Morra’s western face. This vineyard is the last to bud and the last to ripen. The canopy in managed with extreme care, thinning the plant to 6-7 bunches each. Harvest is normally around the 20th of October choosing only the best bunches. The fruit is typical of “La Morra” character: elegant nose and fine tannins in the mouth. The grapes are destemmed and transferred into the tank. The maceration is a challenging moment in which we try to pull out good tannins, aromatics and color without over-extracting. Soft pump overs are employed many times per day. After fermentation a delicate skin contact occurs with the submerged cap. The malolactic fermentation normally happens in November and then the wine is aged in big oak casks for 24 months. In the casks, micro-oxygenation is carried by the pores of the wood. This helps the tannins polymerize that results in rounding out the wine. We try to transfer the wine as little as possible to avoid unnecessary stress and bottle after at least 24 months of aging.

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Weight 42.4 oz
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 in