“In the fragrance, a combination of exotic fruit and spice, juicy pear, fresh limes, on the palate the juicy fruit is pushed into the foreground by a pleasant acid structure, creamy and long-lasting on the finish – a classic”

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Ried Altenberg and Haidacker.
Ground. Gravel & gravelly loess soil.
Climate. The warm, gentle slope of the Altenberg with its gravel soils allows our Chardonnay grapes to ripen very well, at night the entire area cools down very strongly due to the cool soil and the nearby forest and thus the acidity and freshness is retained in the berries. Haidacker is the foothill of the Schüttenberg and Rosenberg and brings the ripe fruit into our Chardonnay through its warm loess soils.

Food recommendation. light, grilled meat, or meat prepared in cream or wine sauce such as poultry or veal dishes and fish, pies and casseroles, asparagus dishes.
Glass culture. Chianti glass or slim “young wine glass”.
Drinking temperature. 8 ° C


harvest. September 11th & 12th, 2018 selective handpicking, large boxes.
Selection. Whole grapes & single berry selection.
Maceration time. 4 hours.
Fermentation. at 18-20 ° C in a stainless steel tank for 4 weeks.
Rest time. 8 weeks after fermentation on yeast, 1st racking, storage on fine yeast
alcohol. 13.5% vol
acid. 5.5 g / l
residual sugar. 2.7 g / l
ready to drink. 2019 – 2024

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